AySites Terms and Conditions of Service

AySites is a free service for storing and organizing links to users' websites.

AySites does not sell or display personal information regarding the user including their email address. All website thumbnails are acquired from publicly accessible webpages or user-uploaded thumbnails. This is an image of the copyrighted material of webpage and is used as a reference to the page. AySites does not claim ownership of the content displayed on the thumbnail page or any content from any website it links to other than itself (the domains owned by AySites).

AySites does not endorse the use of any website.

Advertisements on AySites pages are not affiliated with AySites. Any AySites account found to artificially generate queries, Referral Events, impressions, or any other artificial click through of an advertisement will be banned.

AySites reserves the right to delete or otherwise manipulate any AySites accounts (but is unlikely to do so unless the account is abusive).

AySites reserves the right to delete or ban links to any site or to prevent certain sites from being stored by the engine. This should not apply to most sites, but can happen to any site without notice.

AySites forbids public display of espousing certain material. These sites must be marked private or they will be removed and user accounts displaying these sites publicly may be banned. Forbidden public material includes, but is not limited to:

Note that even if these sites are marked as private, they may be removed from your account at any time without notice.

AySites forbids storing any site of dubious legality, either privately or publicly. Such sites will be removed and users linking to these sites will be banned immediately. Material on these sites may include, but is not limited to:

The AySites engine and code are proprietary and the intellectual property of the owner of AySites.

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AySites Privacy Policy

AySites requires a unique username, a valid email address, and optionally a password from all current users. AySites will never publicly display:

AySites will publicly display your unique AySites username and all sites you have marked as public.

AySites forbids publicly linking to any website that contains the personal information of another person without their consent.

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