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Our Goals for the Future of Mankind

More than Just the Web

AySites wants to expand its philosophy of, efficient, fun browsing to more than just websites.

Eventually, AySites will be used to get to all of your files, programs, and websites with fast searching, organizing, and customization.

Simple, Intuitive User Interface

AySites strives to KISS (keep it simple). You should be able to use AySites without reading any instructions.

The user interface is designed to teach you how to use it.

Discover your own tactics for improving your browsing speed. Find what works for you.

Assumed Focus

AySites introduces the concept of assumed focus.

No longer should you have to click where you want your text to go.

AySites effectively anticipates what you want to do based on what you type and click. There are no more extra steps.

A Cloud World

Be able to access what you need wherever you are.

Conveniently add, organize, and remove data online.

A History of AySites