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Track Your Usage

AySites keeps track of how often you access your bookmarks as well as your method of accessing them.

Keep track of your site usage just for fun, or use it to prioritize the order of your sites.

Share Your Favorite Sites

Keep your favorite sites public. Anyone can view your sites, so let people know what you're browsing or grow your business by getting people to show off your site and creating more links.

Don't want anyone to know about a site such as your bank? Mark it as private and only you can see it.

Earn Achievements

Earn unique achievements called lore just for using AySites.

Benefit from Fine Grained Customization

Taylor AySites to your specific needs and desires.

Choose from a large set of options to get your bookmarks set up just like you want.

Keep options separate between branches and computers. Make your browsing experience different between home, school, and work.

You can even customize the look of your sites page to suit your personality.

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