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Store Bookmarks Online

AySites allows you to store unlimited website bookmarks (sites) online for FREE.

Your bookmarks can be accessed from any browser and from any computer. Anywhere • Anytime.

AySites aims to speed up and facilitate your browsing to make it more efficient and more fun.

Your privacy is important to AySites. The only information we are interested in is the sites you visit. AySites won't spam or share your email address. We won't ask you for additional data about yourself. Be anonymous.

Import, Organize, Branch

Instantly import bookmarks from your web browser or other online bookmark site.

Add any site any time — even intranet sites for your work.

Reorder, and remove sites at will.

Split your sites into branches for work, home, etc. and improve your browsing experience everywhere.

Go Mobile

Access your bookmarks quickly from your mobile device or phone.

AySites is optimized specifically for fast mobile browsing.

Surf the Web Faster than Ever

Use hotkeys to quickly open sites and branches, and use features.

Search for a site based on its name or url simply by typing.

Assumed focus knows where you want your input to go and what you want it to do.

Stop browsing slowly. Speed up your web experience with AySites.

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