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Site Handling Basics

Getting to Your Sites

Import Bookmarks from your Browser or other site

Removing Sites from your Site List

Public and Private Sites

Description of the Icons

The Command Pane

You can easily add, remove, and organize your bookmarks with the command pane and keyboard shortcuts. See below for a description of what each icon does.

Add more websites
Click this icon anywhere it appears to add more sites. The "Add Sites" dialog will appear, and you can paste or type the URL to your site to save it. You can add as many sites as you want at a time.
Manage branches
Your site branches page will appear. This lists all the branches you have and lets you add more branches or delete existing branches. A branch is another page of sites. You can organize your sites in unlimited branches.
Bring up your settings page and add customize your AySites experience just for you.
Social Networking
Like and follow AySites, invite your friends to use AySites, and check out their favorite sites.
View usage stats
See how often you have visited a site from AySites including clicks, key presses, and even a heatmap.
Import from bookmarks
Import all of your old bookmarks from your browser or other storage site. See Importing Bookmarks for further instructions.
Permanently remove flagged-for-removal sites
Remove a flagged site from your list completely.
View this help page.
Report a bug
Report a bug to AySites.
Log Out
Log out of your account.