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Site Handling Basics

Getting to Your Sites

Import Bookmarks from your Browser or other site

Removing Sites from your Site List

Public and Private Sites

AySites Can't Get Your Info!

AySites doesn't know any of your passwords. AySites cannot get thumbnails of your private information. It can't log you in to any of your bookmarks. You must log into them yourself. Your data is completely secure with AySites because it doesn't even know about it.

See Your Sites Any Time

By default, you can see your sites publicly. You do not have to be logged in. Visit


to view all your public sites.

If you are logged in, public sites are marked with Public

Hide Public Sites

If you don't want anyone to see your sites but you, click Public It will change to Private Now, no one can see it but you while you're logged in. Click again to change back.

You may want to make sites such as your bank account private.

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