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Site Handling Basics

Getting to Your Sites

Import Bookmarks from your Browser or other site

Create HTML File

Read about how to create an html file for your bookmarks below. On your sites page, click Import Bookmars Choose the file you created. Click "Upload." You're done!

Google Chrome

Steps to import from Chrome. (Scroll to "Export bookmarks from Google Chrome" section).

Mozilla Firefox

Steps to import from Firefox

Internet Explorer

For IE9:
  1. Click the Favorites button (with the star icon) at the top left under "File"
  2. Click the down arrow next to "Add to Favorites"
  3. Click "Import and Export"
  4. Choose the "Export to File" option
Steps to import from IE 8

Google Bookmarks

Steps to import from Google Bookmarks


Log in and visit Export / Backup Bookmarks (in Profile > Settings, it's on the right side). Click "Export."

Removing Sites from your Site List

Public and Private Sites

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