Signing Up & Signing In

Site Handling Basics

Adding Sites

Click on Add Sites to bring up the Add Site dialog.

You can type or paste the URL for any website. If you want to add more websites at a time, you can click or simply press Tab.

Once you are ready to add sites, click , or press Enter.

Organizing Sites

You can change the order of your sites simply by dragging them around.

Drag a site in front of or behind another site to change the order. This order will be saved the next time you visit AySites.

Also see the section on removing sites

Searching for Sites

Simply start typing to search for a site. AySites uses "assumed focus" to grab your keyboard input, so you don't have to highlight any field. Just type.

Any site that matches the title or the URL of what you are typing will show up on the list. This can help you narrow down the site you're looking for. If you want to undo your search, press Esc.

Adding more sites

You can add more sites later the same way as above.

Do this anywhere, anytime.

You may also import all your old bookmarks from your browser or other sources.

Getting to Your Sites

Import Bookmarks from your Browser or other site

Removing Sites from your Site List

Public and Private Sites

Description of the Icons