Signing Up & Signing In

Signing Up

You can sign up for AySites here.

All you need is a Username, Password, and Email. There are no surprises.

You may also sign up through Gmail, Facebook, and many others. You can skip adding your email and a password if you do this.

Logging In

AySites keeps you signed in automatically, even if you turn your computer off. If you want to sign out, you must actively do so.

If you have signed out, you can sign back in with your Username/Password. If you signed in through Gmail, Facebook, or OpenID, you may not have a password. Simply click the OpenID button again, or "Register" for Facebook to be logged back in instantly.

Logging Out

Click Exit to log out or visit aysites.com/exit.

Using Another Computer

You can log in from any computer anywhere once you have your Username/Password. You can also log in again through Gmail, Facebook, or OpenID.

When you do this, all of your settings will be just as you left them on your computer at home. This also works across browsers.

Sometimes, you may want to view your sites without logging in. You can do this by visiting


to see all of your public sites without logging in. Share your sites with your friends.

If you are viewing your sites page, you can easily log into it by clicking Log In As

Site Handling Basics

Getting to Your Sites

Import Bookmarks from your Browser or other site

Removing Sites from your Site List

Public and Private Sites

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