Help for Power Users (See also — the Basic Help)



Achievements of Lore

Your Usage Stats

Running Commands

Assumed Focus

AySites uses "assumed focus." This means that you can simply start typing to indicate a command.

Searching for Sites

Type the title or URL of a site and all sites that match will show up on the list. Sites that do not match will be hidden. This happens as you type.

You can press Enter to visit the first site on the list, or any number key to visit the Nth site. Shift+Number visits the Nth site plus 10 (11th to 20th site).

If you want to search for a site with a number in the title or url, type / first. Then, the interactive search will let you type numbers.

Keyboard Commands

All keyboard commands start with the meta key ;. Type ; to start any command. When you want to execute a command, hit Enter

Most commands have the same name as the corresponding button or URL, and also a shortcut. For example, ;exit has the same effect as clicking Log out or visiting aysties.com/exit.

Commands with Arguments

You may want or need to specify arguments with commands. Do this simply by putting a space between the command and each argument. ;addSpacehttp://aysites.comEnter will add aysites.com to your list of sites.

List of Commands

It's up to you to work with your friends and discover all of the possible AySites commands. Below is a list of common commands. Remember that they all start with ; and end with Enter. Most also have shortcuts (often a misspelling or the first letter only). You can also cancel a command without running it by hitting Esc.

With no arguments: Bring up the add site dialog.
With arguments: Add each argument to your list of sites.
With no arguments: Visit your branch list. Same effect as clicking Manage Branches, or visiting aysites.com/bran.
With argument: Visit the branch that has the name of the argument for whatever user's page you're looking at (including your own).
Bring up the bug report dialog.
Display all of your sites on this branch (if any were hidden).
With no arguments: Go to the homepage (your main branch if you are logged in).
With argument: Go to your branch with the same name as the argument (even if you're looking at another user's page).
View your options page. Same effect as clicking Options or visiting aysites.com/opts
View this user's usage stats. Same effect as clicking View Usage Stats or visiting aysites.com/stat/<USERNAME>
View your lore.
Perform a non-interactive search.
down / up
Minimize / maximize the command pane, respectively. Same effect as clicking ▼ and ▲
Remove any errors that are being displayed.
Bring up the Import Bookmarks from HTML dialog. Same effect as clicking Import
With no arguments: Open homepage in a new tab.
With arguments: Requires two arguments.
    If It's bran: Opens a branch with the name of the second argument in a new tab.
    If It's site: Opens the site of the corresponding number in a new tab.
    If It's sb: Same as site, but new tab does not steal focus.
    If It's command: Runs the corresponding command in a new window (user/branch stays the same).
Same effect as new sb plus arguments.
Same effect as new command plus arguments.