Help for Power Users (See also — the Basic Help)


What Are Branches?

Branches are a powerful way to organize sites. You can create unlimited branches. Each branch is essentially its own sites page, but it uses your settings, and you can easily move and copy sites between branches.

Creating Branches

To create a branch, simply visit


If the branch does not exist, you will be able to add sites to it and create it.

You can also click Branch to bring up the branches page. You can view all your branches here, but also add one.

Viewing Branches

You can view a list of all your branches by clicking Branch On this page, you can click the name of any branch to be taken to it instantly.

This is the same as going to


You can visit any specific branch later on by going to


Note that you can also substitute your username for b above, but b is a lot easier to type.

Removing Branches

Go to aysites.com/bran or click Branch to view a list of your branches.

Click on Remove Branch to permanently remove this branch. This operation cannot be undone, so be careful about removing branches.

You cannot remove your main branch.


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